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Complete Plumbing Repairs from the Seat to the Street!

repairing underground and concealed leaks, plumbing, leak detectionWelcome to the site of Cox Plumbing & Leak Detection!

Complete Plumbing Repairs from the Seat to the Street!

Cox Plumbing & Leak Detection is Northwest Arkansas' No. 1 source for finding and repairing underground and concealed leaks. We are owner-operated and always provide professional and quality service to our customers. "We will find your leak or you don't pay." We have a commitment to excellence, and it is displayed in the many successful jobs we have completed.

A high water bill can be caused from a concealed leak. Call Cox Plumbing & Leak Detection today and let us assess your situation. You can rest assured you are in great hands with Cox Plumbing and Leak Detection!

We are so respected and trusted in our community that other local plumbing companies choose us to locate leaks for their customers. All of our work is guaranteed. When you need plumbing repairs or leak detection, don't hesitate to contact Cox Plumbing & Leak Detection.

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